Sisters-in-law in court fighting over 8 Jack fruits

I was rewiring my home network today and I got tired of the hard work, I took a break and tried my Internet if I did not mess it up. Fortunately I was still online after all the major changes, I transferred the modem and wireless access point (Linksys WAP54G) to my room and the on other room setup the wireless desktop. I made sure the wirings were neat so I had to cut the extra slack, and hide the modem with the switch, and place the access point to an elevated location, and setup my sound system for the best surround experience. It is really fulfilling to see my accomplishment after all the brains and muscle I poured into my project today.

I came across a news paper article and it sure did make me laugh. This is the funniest news I have read today, it is really worth your time. Sisters-in-law in court fighting over eight jack fruits, I can imagine how tasty those are since their problem has been escalated to court. It is a real family feud at its best description.